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Gene Responsible for Hearing Loss

Researchers have found another gene that increases a person’s risk for hearing loss. The gene known as KCNQ4 may be the cause of “age-related” hearing loss rather than long-time noise exposure. Here are previously mentioned genes also linked to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Hearing Help

Here’s an excellent guide from The Hearing Journal. It discusses the price of not addressing the hearing loss and where to get help. There article also contains a long list of resources, which I’ve added here as a backup. Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing American Tinnitus Association Better Hearing …

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Dark Room and the Deaf Photographer

I received an email from talented photographer Peter Bryenton, and asked if I could post it here because it gave me insight in a major problem that a deaf photographer has to deal with. They came up with a clever solution… but it isn’t perfect. He kindly agreed and provided an expanded note. There‚Äôs a …

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Illness and Hearing

I didn’t wear my implant for almost two days because I was sick. When I put it back on — whoa, it was uncomfortable. Took a little time, but got used to it. It takes time to get used to wearing braces and eye contacts — the same applies to hearing aids and cochlear implants. …

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Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Feedback

One major improvement that comes with a cochlear implant is no more squealing or whistling. If I was about to hug someone, I got nervous because I feared my hearing aid would squeal. It happened a few times and made me uncomfortable or embarrassed depending on who the other person was. The cochlear implant doesn’t …

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Donate Old Hearing Aids

From DeafNetwork: What is HARP? HARP stands for the Hearing Aid Recycling Program. It is a program based in Dallas that collects used hearing aids and distributes them to deaf and hard-of-hearing people that cannot afford to buy hearing aids. How are the hearing aids distributed? The hearing aids go to the Callier Center at …

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