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Theater without Studying

Call me strange, but I’ve loved musicals since I was a kid. I would pretend I was a character from a show and sing without fear of how bad I sounded — of course, I had no real audience. My parents took me to many shows at Casa Manana, a theater in my hometown of …

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FCC Approves Internet Captioned Telephone

HearingLoss Association of America reports the FCC has approved the use of the telecommunications relay fund (TRS) to reimburse the Internet-enabled captioned telephone. Here is the FCC’s news released on the topic [pdf file]. Not sure how it works yet. I’m investigating.

More Cochlear Implant Blogs

Bionic Boys: More CI blogs to check out.

Internet Scammers Target Deaf Community

Internet Scammers Target Deaf Community doesn’t surprise me. Many people view senior ciritizens and people with disabilities as weak — easy to scam. That’s why I believe religious organizations keep coming to me (there’s no question they target me because I’m deaf). Such organizations believe deaf people are easier to sway especially since we can …

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Insight into the Deaf World

This superb article from the Houston Chronicle by Clarence Page of Washington, D.C., and Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist. It looks at mainstreaming, Galludet and its presidential challenges, the culture, and cochlear implants. Everyone should read the last four paragraphs. When you divide the world between “us” and “them,” even in reaction to prejudices, you run …

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Online Video Captions

For many of us, the Internet erased communication barriers until videos started gaining popularity with sites like YouTube and TV networks making episodes of shows available as downloads. We can watch the TV shows on TV with captions, but the downloaded videos are silent — without captions. The Wall Street Journal took notice with its …

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