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Stanford Article: Seeing at the Speed of Sound

I love “Seeing at the Speed of Sound,” a long article by Rachel Kolb that could’ve very well been written by me. I can relate to dealing with mumblers, people with accents, spy comments, darkness and encounters with the deaf community. Not only is it hard to lipread mumblers and people with accent, but others …

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First Deaf NASCAR Driver

Kokonut Pundits reports on Greg Gunderson First Deaf NASCAR Driver! I’ll let him do the talking while I go recover from the flu.

Deaf People Treated as Ghosts

Angry Deaf Man Deaf shares an experience about shopping with a friend when the salesperson tends to look at the friend instead of him. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much overseas and his comment about not having this problem outside of the U.S. intrigued me. It happened to Angry Deaf Man again. This …

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