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Deaf Culture and the Presidential Uproar

The Washington Post attempts to educate readers with an article explaining the protests over the selection of Jane K. Fernandez for Gallaudet presidency. This started last spring, but apparently last week — the faculty voted they have no confidence in her leadership. It’s a insightful must-read article as it looks at the big picture of …

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Get a Human

Earlier, I provided a link to an article on how to work around recrodings. Get Human contains a database of companies and how to reach a human. The link comes from a Dallas Morning News [may require free registration] story on the topic. This article shows six ways to reach a human operator.

Experience the Awareness

Last Friday, my kid’s elementary school held a program called “Experience the Awareness.” The point of the program is to have the kids learn about the struggle behind the different disabilities and learning differences. Kids rotate through 10 stations, spending about five minutes (too short) at each station. We covered muscular dystrophy, missing limb, injured …

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Dealing with Phone Reps and Recordings

While working for a company, employees received a letter from HR telling us we needed to call the voice automated system to confirm our accounts. It had to be “the employee” who does it. I asked the manager what I should do about it and she said to have Paul call. I didn’t trust this …

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