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Digital TV Challenges

From Deafnetwork: By Cheryl Heppner On February 17, 2009, analog television will be cut off and television in the U.S. will go totally digital. If you watch television as a cable or satellite user, you will be able to get the conversion to digital from your cable or satellite provider. If you are in one …

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Wireless Communication Devices for the Deaf

Grant W. Laird, Jr. takes a stroll down memory lane with “History of Wireless Devices in Deaf Community.” Thinking about my experience, I can’t believe how many devices I’ve gone through since 1993 in my first job out of college. The following lists the devices I’ve used: * Email: 1986 – current. It began with …

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Matlin on My Name Is Earl

I admire Marlee Matlin and the show‘s writers for its episode where Matlin played Joyce’s lawyer, Ruby Whitlow. Actually, she was in several episodes, but I’m referring to the one from November 30, “Born a Gamblin’ Man.” I admire the writers because they scripted a funny story that addressed the sort of thing we don’t …

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The Family's First Computer

I’ve been reading Steve Wozniak’s autiobiography, iWoz, learning about the birth of Apple Computer and its evolution to Apple I and Apple II. Made me think about how eager I was to get home from camp in 1980 because I knew we had gotten a new computer, an Apple ][+. Reading iWoz, I realized my …

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Relay through MSN Messenger

My IP Relay is available on MSN Messenger. To use it, add myiprelay@verizonbusiness.com to your MSN Messenger Contact List. To make a call: * Just click on contact name, My IP Relay * Enter the phone number you want to reach and follow the directions * My IP Relay connects your call Learn more at …

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Play by Play of JKF Protest

When I read stories from the 1990s, I’m amazed how different they could’ve turned out had cell phones been more common then. Paul and I had numeric pagers. We came up with different codes to communicate with each other. Now we both have Sidekicks and can AIM to text message each other. Forbes explores how …

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Online Video Captions

For many of us, the Internet erased communication barriers until videos started gaining popularity with sites like YouTube and TV networks making episodes of shows available as downloads. We can watch the TV shows on TV with captions, but the downloaded videos are silent — without captions. The Wall Street Journal took notice with its …

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