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Help for the Eyes… Finally

I whined and moaned in this entry about the problem with my eyes aching and feeling pressure. My regular doctor told me to see the ophthalmologist rather than my optometrist (Talked to him, too). She said all my symptoms pointed to dry eye syndrome. First thing to try was adding tears (eye drops) four times …

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DeafNation updates visitors on the happenings in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. It also provides coverage of events such as Deaflympics and World Federation of Deaf. The site is behind DeafNation Expo, an exhibition celebrating culture, exhibiting technology and providing networking opportunities at no charge to attendees. The Expo is like a traveling …

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Online Video Captions

For many of us, the Internet erased communication barriers until videos started gaining popularity with sites like YouTube and TV networks making episodes of shows available as downloads. We can watch the TV shows on TV with captions, but the downloaded videos are silent — without captions. The Wall Street Journal took notice with its …

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Axistive.com is a news portal that provides news relating to technology that help people with disabilities.