AOL Closed Captions for Online Video

Fabulous news! About time a company did something. America Online announces close captions for online video.

AOL today announced it is now testing closed captions for streaming news content from CNN that will enhance the online media experience for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captioned CNN video content will be available throughout the AOL network, including the AOL service, the free Web portal ( and the AOL Video portal (

More information on AOL’s closed captioning initiative and links to closed captioned videos here. This resource only lists samplers from what I can see. I found captioned videos by going to and entering “captioned” or “captions” into the search box. When you first use it, be sure to click Preferences and tick the captions box.
OK, there’s a flaw somewhere. I tried watching Shania Twain’s “Don’t” and John Mellencamp’s “Walk Tall” and neither had captions. What’s up with that? I tried it in Firefox and Internet Explorer. I can play the videos, but see no words.

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    There’s alot more details about AOL Video and its captioned. I was able to view several with CC under CNN category. I tried other category like ABC News and it doesn’t work.
    Also, CC doesnt work if you click FULL SCREEN. It’s start, I guess 🙂
    Go this one and click sampler:

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