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TV stations seek better captioning talks about a Tampa resident who didn’t Hurricane Charley had changed direction from Tampa to Punta Gorda. Because of this, they were scared longer than necessary. I agree news stations need to improve captioning. I am grateful that most caption at all, but there have been key breaking news stories that weren’t captioned.
Another problem with TV captioning is during weather and election reporting. Some stations shrink the TV program to make room for scrolling on the bottom with the latest weather or election news. When this happens, the captions take a vacation.
There is a way around it as I’ve seen it once in a while. The TV show stays at full size with captions still there and the news scrolls either on the bottom or the top–on the opposite side of the captions rather than overlapping them. This is a problem during sports, awards shows, and other programming where text pops up telling you who the person is and title. For instance, shows like The Apprentice often show the contestant’s name, job title, and home town. These are difficult to see as the captions are in front of the text. Just move the caption to the top of the screen.

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  1. One of the stations here has technology installed that will actually re-write the positioning codes for the captions during weather alerts. They’ll run the alert at the bottom of the screen, and the captions will all be moved to the top.

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