Bible Thumper Revisited

Not long ago, I posted an entry about Bible thumpers who came knocking on my door. Funny, I ran into another one… this time by snail mail. Yes, paper, pen, stamp, and all. Here’s the note (nothing changed):

Hello Meryl.

My name is Gayle. I volunteer with people who are deaf and hard of hearing. I have a deaf daughter. I want to share information we have, DVD’s all in ASL sign language that help us get closer to God. I know different people have different religions. That is OK. We have many DVDs and videos all in sign language with information from the Bible that talk about the wonderful future God has planned for people who get to know him and want to live with people who have good actions.

As Moses helped lead the Israelites to the Promised Land God has wonderful hope for us to live in a world with peace — where people are happy. Please read Psalm 37:10, 11, and 28, 29. I would like a chance to show you the DVDs and you decide if you want to learn more about the Bible in ASL sign language. My sidekick number… [of course, I omit this].

Love, Gayle

First, she didn’t even leave a return address on the envelope. She didn’t mention the company or Web site with the products. Just gave me her email address to her Sidekick. And she signs off with “Love?” I know we’re all G-d’s people and we should love each other, but she is still a total stranger. If she knew me, she would know I don’t know ASL.

Second, isn’t religion a personal thing? Not something you talk about with a total stranger the first time you introduce yourself. True, missionaries go door to door, but she isn’t a missionary. While I’m happy to have an intelligent discussion about religion, it’s usually with people I know not a stranger. Politics and religion… those two hot topics are reserved for when you get to know people better. Blogging doesn’t count.

I give her points for taking the time to write a letter in her own handwriting. She could go far if she talked about something other than religion and a product that wasn’t religious and drop the love thing.
It was an interested letter to say the least.


    • Robin Duke on January 5, 2006 at 12:56 pm

    Personal? So is one’s sex life and finances, but that doesn’t stop spammers from clogging up everyones’ email boxes daily with enlargement and investment opportunities. Funny, I don’t hear you complaining about those.
    One of the goals of the Christian religion is to evangelize. It appears you’ve caught someone doing a good deed.

    • meryl on January 5, 2006 at 1:06 pm

    Whew, Robin. You got me there… but then again, I don’t have people writing me personal letters or coming to my door about those topics either.
    You make an excellent point.
    While it may be a goal to evangelize — many of us don’t want to be evangelized to even if we’re the same religion or not. So it’s one of those… to each his own.
    Robin, your email address has an error as it bounced back. But experience dictates it was done on purpose because whenever someone argues with a blogger, they don’t like to leave their real name and I understand. Either way, I hope you get this.

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