Blasting Speakers

Ah, the good ol’ days when we had three feet tall speakers. I’d take out my hearings aids and press my ear against the speaker with the stereo volume turned way up. This was the only way I could hear with my own ears. I got reminded of this yesterday.
My son’s school had a rally to promote a drug-free life. Jay Jenson of Radio Disney (thank you!) came to the event and MC’d it. Of course, he had powerful speakers so the few hundred of us could hear him and the VIPs. I walked past the speaker with my implantless ear closer to it and felt the music’s vibration.
Came across this article on deaf and speakers, so it seemed like the topic to talk about.
Mavs Man was also there and he was awesome! Those in the Dallas area can rent him out for parties. Warning: he ain’t cheap, but he’s a crowd pleaser! Thank you, Mavs Man.