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Before I got my first behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid in 4th grade, I wore a body aid. For the most part, it had one end of the cord attached to two ear molds and the other end to a case about the size of a deck of cards. As an active little girl, there was no way the aid would stay in a pocket. Besides, girls’ dresses and outfits didn’t have many pockets.
So, I was stuck wearing a case holder with shoulder straps and waist straps to hold it in place on my chest, a nightmare in the ’70s when t-shirts with cool iron-ons were in. Plus, I played a lot of sports and gave my parents a heart attack whenever something hit me in the chest.
Mom tried to ease the pain of wearing a straight-jacket… er… hearing aid case by making a bunch of them in different styles and colors. I believe that hearing aid required four double-AA batteries or was it two? Anyway, Dad had a recharger and we charged them every night.
Wearing this body processor feels freakishly like those days. This is temporary as I get used to the new way of hearing, then I’ll change to the behind-the-ear. The processor has two cords, a long one goes into the processor and a short one to the transmitter. Well, I ain’t goin’ back to no cases! I’m stuck wearing the processor in a pocket, on my pants, or on a belt loop.
OK, if I am wearing a dress with no belt and no pocket… where does it go? When I go to the restroom, I have to hold on to the processor. If I miraculously have a shirt pocket, a rarity in women’s clothing, I could accidentally bend over without thinking… and out comes the processor. People have suggested building secret pockets and all that. But like I said, it’s temporary.
Another similar feature… the processor requires two double-AA batteries. It’ll be good to go back to the behind-the-ear.
I haven’t been able to find a picture of the body aid, but I do have some of me wearing it with the case. Will have to scan them, but my PC is in my bedroom and the scanner is on the desk. Doubt I have a cord that long!
Instead of worrying about me pulling the cords (Mom said I did it all the time and broke them), I have to worry about the baby pulling the cord. He did manage to get his hand on it once already out of luck. Maybe before he improves his target, I’ll be on the BTE.


    • Alicia on August 10, 2003 at 3:36 pm
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    Do what I did back when I wore my body aid – shove it down the middle of your bra like you would money. 😉 Seriously though, that’s what I did, and I ran the cord under my arm and up my back, with it exiting at the collar. My processor might’ve been smaller though, I’m not sure the size of yours. It came with a clip which helped keep it in place, plus I had a soft covering for it. This doesn’t work too well with underwire bras though.

  1. I’ve had BTE hearing aids since 3rd grade. Never had a body hearing aid, but I did have the FM system that they had in school. It was a box that looked a lot like the body hearing aid except that the teacher had a transmitter with a microphone. It helped a lot in elementary school. Except when the teacher left the class room to go to the washroom and forgot to turn it off. Those things transmit a long way…..

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