Can Our Fingers Survive on Smartphones?

I’ve been wish washy about what smartphone to get next as I’ve had it with my current provider. The keyboard and features are great. The service is kablooey. It would be nice to stop carrying a phone and a PDA.
I also own a Windows Mobile-based device and still prefer Palm’s. Like many others, I don’t want to give up on Palm. I studied the Treos and Centro so hard that my eyes protested in pain. I wanted to stick with a PalmOS-based device.
Then a friend with a Centro let me play with her device and see how its keyboard feels. The keyboard was so tight that typos occured more often than not. How am I supposed to take notes on this thing? Writers have ideas popping up in odd places. So phones with a QWERTY keyboard come in handy in capturing those ideas.
Besides, I need to use IM and text messaging to stay in touch. But what good is a Treo or Centro if the typing results in this:
whst hiif is a treo or ceentro ig tge typong looka lije thus?
I tried the BlackBerry. Typing was a tad better than on the Centro, but not as good as the device I have. But one service I’m looking at is getting the BlackBerry Curve soon… maybe that’s the one?
My current plan ends in two months. According to the TechTarget article, Palm could be brewing something. I had my suspicions when I noticed Apple people joining Palm and hoped for an iPhone with a Palm-like operating-system and a real QWERTY instead of an onscreen one.
I doubt it. An easy to use keyboard is a must along with a working network (heck, working 50% of the time would be better than what I have). I’d hate to start carrying a small notepad again.


  1. I use a sprint mogul (HTC PPC-6800) with the HTC Touch interface installed. HTC has other smart phones that are very similar for other providers. I find that texting is very easy and quick.
    the keyboard is large enough that I make few mistakes.
    The one complaint is the the processor is a bit slow sometimes, but I’m sure some of the newer HTC products will have a better processor.

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