Can't Hear Sirens

I can relate to the Deaf couple who worry because they can’t hear sirens. Every Wednesday at noon, I hear the city sirens (for testing purposes), but I’ve missed a couple. Thankfully, I’ve got a hearing family, but I know there are many deaf couples who don’t have this option and it’s a problem.
The story is about the city sirens, not cars, but it prompted a memory. Way back when I was a new driver in high school, we learned about a GM program that installed siren alerters in cars for free. The hardware alerted me whenever a police, fire, or ambulance had its sirens on so I could pullover or do what’s necessary.
Unfortunately, the thing freaked me out every time it went off and it was wrong 95 percent of the time. We took it out as it was causing more anxiety than helping. One thing about deaf drivers is that we use our eyes and usually notice the flashing lights.
Info on GMAbility and from Edmunds