Captioned Media Program

Resources available in captioned media talks about the Caption Media Program (CMP), a great program that ofers free loans of open captioned programs. The program now offers Internet streaming videos and currently has over 1000 videos. I love this part because finding online captioned media is like the needle in haystack thing.
I just finished reading Winning Results with Google AdWords (reading it to do an abstract, not to advertise) and learned something interesting. Google Video relies on caption transcripts to make its videos searchable. Well, why can’t the captions be in the streaming videos, too?

Do a search for “caption” in Google Video and you only get 46 results, all of which aren’t captioned videos. Found Monty Python’s Spam and of course, the captions aren’t in English. Most of the results are obscure programs, nothing exciting.
Anyway, CMP’s free-loan media program has over 4000 open-captioned titles on videos, CD, and DVD. The program doesn’t charge rental, postage, or registration fees.
CMP is also a clearinghouse of information related to captioning, which contains a database of captioned media available for purchase. The program provides help to captioning agencies that ask for it. Media is also available in Spanish.