Captioning Sucks

Captioning SucksAdmit it. It does!
This is no April Fool’s joke. Many things happen on the first day of the month… well, why wait until May?
My biggest frustration with captions are…
* Too many videos out there and not enough have captions. Project readOn is trying to help… but it’s way bigger than any one company to manage.
* Plenty of good DVDs still not captioned or subtitled (latest being Jeff Dunham’s video).
* Sometimes hard to read as these photos show sucky captions.
Captioning Sucks explains what’s wrong with captions while Open & Closed Project aims to set standards for captioning as well as audio description, subtitling, and dubbing.


  1. I long for the day I can view everything on the ‘net with captions. Just this morning, I was viewing a John Denver video and wishing for the captions.

  2. DeafMom, I take captioned music video requests too!
    I do some on my own, just for fun too!

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