Cell Phone Bluetooth Ear Pieces

I like them cell phone bluetooth ear pieces. They make my implant less weird-looking. Is that good grammar? Those things are more noticeable than my implant. Boy, I remember hardly ever wearing my hair up because I didn’t want people staring at my ugly beige hearing aids.
Now I wear my hair up almost all the time. I’ve got thick and curly hair, so it’s like having a fur coat on my neck when I wear it down.
In the ’70s, t-shirts with cool slogans and pictures were a hot item. The local mall had a tee store that put on whatever images and words you wanted. I wore a body hearing aid then making it difficult to see the pictures on the shirt. By the time I got the behind-the-ear hearing aids, the shirts were gone.
And they’ve come back. But I’ve got so many t-shirts now, it’s ridiculous to buy more.
So thank you, cell phone addicts, for making ear pieces cool. 🙂

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