Data Plan for PDAs

I want to switch to the Palm Treo when my current data plan contract ends in December, so I’ve been researching prices and options. I went to Verizon Wireless and couldn’t find a data only plan. The rates for a calling plan with unlimited data were too high.
I emailed Verizon about a data only plan and the company said it can’t offer specific plans. I understand — but according to PC World and Palm’s press release, it had a data plan for $45. Either it went away or never existed. That would work for me.
Cingular and T-Mobile don’t carry the latest Treo. Sprint’s service is bad where I live. Garth Wireless targets people who are deaf, and there I find a Verizon data only plan that costs $20 more than T-Mobile’s data plan with a Sidekick. Data plans with Blackberrys are also cheaper.
Seems the message is for me to stop using PalmOS. I should switch to something else, but I can’t help but prefer PalmOS-based devices.


    • Meg on October 25, 2006 at 5:16 pm
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    Virgin Mobile has a new phone, the SwitchBack, which is both cell phone and full-keyboard messager device. Available at Target and Best Buy for @$129, and it’s pay-as-you go. It also accesses the internet. It’s affordable!!!!! Works great.

    • Ed on October 30, 2006 at 9:37 pm
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    Meg but Meryl wants to use PalmOS 🙂
    Meryl, I guess this link might make you want to stick with PalmOS based devices 😀
    I am considering Treo 700p (there’s Treo 680p out now and 750p, which will looks similar to 680 in shape, will appear somehow but when? ) over SK3

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