Deaf Comedy and Jokes

If You Could Hear What I SeeWell, as a lipreader-instead-of-sign-language-user, I can’t catch these videos from But I get the third comic strip and I love it. Though I may not use an interpreter, I’ve had plenty of situations when I had delayed reaction or laughter because someone had to tell me what happened. Funny snakes, too.
I hate it when I have to ask people sitting around me… “What’s so funny?” “What did I miss?” “What did she say?” I’m sure it comes across like I’m not the brightest bulb in the box.
Ken “Prof. Glick” Glickman wrote a few humor books on DEAFinitions — I have a couple of them. He sends DEAFinitions on a weekly basis. I also remember enjoying Kathy Buckley‘s comedy routine on TV. She was hilarious. I’d like to share one of her funniest lines… but I can’t quite recall the set up and it’d ruin the joke.

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