Deaf Dogs

Deaf woman finds homes for deaf dogs has an interesting statistic that I had never heard before. According to the article, “deafness is more common in dogs with white (or merle-patterned) coats.” Apparently, Dalmatians are on the top of the list with 10 to 12 percent born deaf.
My dog, a beagle, who passed away last year, literally lost his hearing overnight due to an ear infection. This didn’t happen until he was about 12 (he was 13 when he died) and it completely changed his personality. He became an aggressive and scared dog as he didn’t have one of his two most important sense to rely on anymore (the other being the sniffer).
My daughter wants a dog, but we hardly have a backyard anymore or the time to truly welcome a new family member. It’s a shame since she’s almost 12 and it’s a good time for her to enjoy a dog before she takes off for college.


  1. Thanks for the useful info of deaf dogs.
    Our pets are totally dependant on us. And especially if they suffer from disease they need extra care and love, which we must provide in order to get back their unconditional showers of love.

    • Patrick on December 11, 2005 at 4:17 pm
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    I recently adopted a deaf border collie from an animal shelter. I was curious if you have or know of where I can get info on training.

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