Deaf Struggles

Lots of great articles popping up regarding Gallaudet and the Deaf Culture.
Alicia sent a link to a very powerful article [scanned version] written by the mother who has a deaf daughter. The article highlights the big picture for the protests against the selection of Jane K. Fernandez presidential appointment. The shocker? The article [html version] is 15 years old!
This New York Times article published in Arizona Central is also worth a read as it also explores the Deaf perspective.
Here are letters from Dr. Roz Rosen and others. Another honest and insightful commentary from Rick D. Taylor a.k.a. Ridor, David W. Boles, and The GU Private Investigator.


  1. More articles…
    The Language Guy

  2. Thank you for the articles! They are wonderful and the comments the students made show how exactly they feel about the protest. Actually, I am truly amazed at how angry they were with their ‘former’ president. Maybe it is because I do not live there and know none of the Gallaudet students. Just hope these students and staff will find a way to help each other. P.S. is it true that only 40% of students were able graduate from Gallaudet? Then it’s really shocking!

  3. Gallaudet’s board has established procedures for selecting an interim president.

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