Defensive Situations

Amazing Race‘s Luke responded to a question that confirmed that some deaf people (me included) tend to be more defensive than the average person. Here’s the interview response I’m talking about:

The deaf community has responded very positively. They were very happy with how I played the game and that I made the final three. They were a little disappointed about the Kisha and Jen incident. It’s kind of the deaf-culture thing that the natural reaction is to protect myself when I’m bumped into. I was also really upset when Jen called me a bitch because I couldn’t hear what she said. She should’ve said it to my face and not behind my back. I thought that was a very cowardly thing to do and I felt like she kind of got away with that. The deaf community was mad about that.

We don’t want people to view us as pushovers or say something about us out of our view when we’re right there. If a hearing person can hear it, then be fair and tell the deaf person in front of him or her. Luckily, I can recognize a few words my kids say when they’re mad and catch them red-handed when they walk away calling me names or saying inappropriate stuff.

I wonder what other habits I have that are common for deaf people, but uncommon for hearing people.


  1. Yes, I saw that part on Luke’s incident with Jen and Kisha, so un-called for. I am confident that everyone already views Jen and Kisha as trouble-makers. At end of that show, I applaud Margie for standing up even she made them looking sheepish by saying something like, “Deaf people have been experiencing an oppression and I’m sure you as black person feel the same way when being oppressed by other groups” BUMP! You go mama!
    P.S. Why didn’t they apologize and move on?

  2. Sorry, I just read the full length of interview… Luke and Margie forget about that incident and said they love Jen and Kisha so they moved on…Cheers! =D

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