Ear Overload

Cochlear implant. Sunglasses. Visor. iPod headphone. It’s a miracle my ear hasn’t fallen off. The biggest frustration is when I play tennis. Even wearing glasses causes problems since I wear sport sunglasses. I have the best ones I could find that provide the right shade with thin earpieces. Yesterday, in an attempt to get a short ball, I reached low, fell and rolled with my cochlear implant flying out of my ear. Both cochlear implant and I are fine.
I dislike wearing visors and hats because of the cochlear implant’s magnet. But sometimes I have to wear a visor while playing tennis when the sun hits my eyes just right.


  1. I, like you, would have a problem, with the fact that I would get the feeling I looked like a robot.
    Recently, I saw a man, who may have been mid to upper-60’s, with an implant and it looked terrible!!!

    • Tim on October 2, 2007 at 1:38 pm
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    Heh. To date, I’ve used a bandanna to keep the CI headpiece in place, the I’d wear oakley-style sunglasses (the earpieces grip my head rather than sitting on the ear).
    Helps me look badass, too.

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