Easy to Forget

A couple of weeks ago, I left for work… without the implant. It’s easy to forget putting it on because it doesn’t have those awful ear molds like hearing aids do. With or without the implant, you hard feel anything there. Plus, I went a few days without wearing it because I was sick and sound hurt my already poundnig head.
There should be a caution on the implant. “Warning: If you have thick and curly hair, the implant may or may not cooperate in staying in place.” Every time I put my hair up or down, I have to take it out while fixing it otherwise it falls out. On days when my hair is thicker because of humidity, it takes longer to get it to stick.
It’s scary when I am helping a kid in the bath as I worry that leaning over will make it just plop out. I did one stupid thing with the implant, but I’m too embarrassed to share. Move on to the next show and tell.