Embarrassing, but Funny Deaf Moments

We all have embarrassing moments, and most of the time (we hope) we laugh at them later.
Embarrassing but Funny Deaf Moments: I’ve zoned out at a green light a couple of times, too.
From Ear of My Heart: Fire alarm story. Haven’t had one of those… yet!
Deaf Womyn Pride
Forgot to Turn off My Car: This is becoming a problem now that my new car doesn’t need keys to start — just turn the ignition. Did it once, so far. Hope I won’t do it again!
You Think I’m Crazy? Story
Deaf Culture Online
My Stories
* Shopping: My mom and I were shopping in a clothing store for teens. Mom went to look for some more clothes while I tried on clothes. I opened the door to see my mom and the sales rep talking. Apparently, she thought I was a snob because I was not responding to her questions (I turned off my hearing aids to prevent squealing).
* 7th grade science: We were doing microscope experiments. My table with four people had a hard time finding the organism in the microscope. So I told them I would take one more look. I finally find the organism and said, “I found it!” Again, I had my hearing aids off and when I looked up, the whole class and the teacher were looking at me. Apparently, it was very quiet and the teacher was giving final instructions. (blush)
* Basketball practice: I was practicing shooting baskets. Somehow I zoned out and didn’t notice the team gathering around the coach. I was standing alone on the other side of the court with everyone looking at me. This happens on occasion in tennis… I’ll go the wrong way and sometimes can’t hear people calling because of the wind and other outdoor noises.
* And I do this way too many times… talk louder than necessary when I think it’s noisier than it really is. Hate that.


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  1. Ah, brings back memories. Have enough embarassing moments to fill a book.
    Shortly after my first child was born, the hubby went out to get the newspaper. He forgot to turn off the house alarm. Neither of us had our hearing aids on. The baby cry light was going berserk so I unplugged it, thinking it was malfunctioning. About an hour later, we found the front door ajar– we have no idea if the police entered or not. I was in bed breastfeeding, so who knows!

    • Meryl on May 20, 2008 at 1:36 pm
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    Great story, Karen. I’ve had my share of fire alarm stories. Our door to the garage didn’t always shut well and I thought it did.
    One time, my brother was following me in his car while I was picking up a kid from school. Turned out the alarm had gone off because I didn’t shut the door well.
    Not a problem anymore — we stopped hanging the kids’ coats there!

  2. ooo stories. Let’s see here. At the deaf school, we were taking the SAT tests. And myself, since I found it easier to concentrate while i was DEAF, I had my FM unplugged. The fire alarm went off (it did flash, but it wasn’t very noticeable, especially when you’re so focused on the test). My teacher had to tap me on the shoulder and let me know a fire drill was going on.
    And once, I have left the headlights on my car, in the middle of winter, for 3 hours. I had my hearing aid turned off when I was driving that day, so I didn’t hear the car dinging at me when I opened the door to get out. Lo and behold, 3 hours later when I was ready to go home, could not even open the car doors at all. Pushed all the buttons on the remote, tried the key in both front doors, nada. Crap! 3 days later, when my mom and I managed to get into my car, I realized “oh crap, I left my headlights on!” Oops. Lesson learned.

  3. Thank you so much for linking to my blog post. I feel honored. 🙂
    ~ LaRonda

  4. I love reading about these silly moments 🙂 I have done quite a few myself! I just did a huge one losing my keys at the township dump…

  5. I enjoyed reading these crazy moments. That’s funny. Well, I have a story of mine to share…
    One time, I went into a movie theater with my mother. The movie has already started, and it was very dark in the theater. We were trying to find a seat and I couldn’t see my mom clearly. With my hearing aids, I had trouble hearing my mom while the movie was playing with loud music. Apparently, there was another guy next in front of me and I thought that was my mom. Without knowing, I patted his shoulder saying “Mom, where should we sit”. I heard this guy’s voice saying “Oh, your mother is over there!” Now, isn’t that embarrassing!

  6. Thanks for the link, it made me come over to read others!

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