Fig Newtons and Olive Oil

Kids make fun of each other. That’s an accepted part of childhood and growing up. It’s unbelievable what kids in 6th grade say nowadays. Words I’d never heard people say until at least high school. No matter what I do, I can’t prevent my kids from learning things too young. As a parent, I do what they can to enjoy their childhoods as long as possible, but fuhgettaboudit. They learn from their friends. Too well, I’m afraid.
In high school and maybe even middle school, some boys would say to me, “I want a fig newton” without using their voices. If you don’t get it, slowly say it in the mirror and read your lips. They also said, “O-live oil.” Funny.
They also made fun of my religion probably more than my deafness, which was kind of nice in a weird way because they didn’t see me as deaf as much as a person with a different religion (and most have a religion).