Finding Jobs

This story is about a teen who struggles to find a high schooler type of job. I’ve mentioned it before, but of the four jobs I have applied for while in high school, only one company didn’t hire me: Wal*Mart. I worked for Tandy, Foley’s, and Toys R Us.
It’s not necessarily her hearing loss that puts her at a disavantage. It’s the economy. Paul applied for retail jobs and they either had no openings, openings only during holiday season, or bad hours (we have three kids, y’know?). It’s the “no openings” that is the most prevalent.
Jamie Berke runs the deafness / hard of hearing section and she has a forum focusing on jobs. It requires free registration and your account will work in any forum.
Click on Messages and on the left, you see the forum topics in gray with a couple of discussions beneath each one. “Finding work and working” is the one covering jobs. “How did you educate co-workers / bosses?” has a good discussion happening.


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