Fire Alarm Safety

[Recent research]( by
Dorothy Bruck and Ian Thomas on behalf of the Fire Protection Research
Foundation shows that almost 44 percent of many people — including people with hearing loss, seniors, children, and heavy sleepers do not wake to the sound of standard fire alarms. With roughly half of all home fire deaths resulting from incidents reported between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., this has become a safety issue.
New research discovered a 520 Hz square-wave signal is at least four to 12 times more effective at waking people at risk than the current high-pitched signal.
Using this information, Dr. Dave Albert has developed a new UL-listed bedside fire alarm and clock that uses technologies proven most effective at waking people. The Lifetone HL fire alarm and clock includes a 520 Hz square-wave signal and a bed shaker.
I’m sharing this with you to raise awareness about this safety issue. I’ve never used this product and cannot attest its effectiveness. Here are [more fire safety resources](
I was in a fire when I was 5 — at my grandparents’ house. So it can happen to anyone.


  1. I agree with you that whether use flash with light and bed shake would be huge helpful for people. Often apartment landlord only choose standard flash alert that is not helpful. What is your suggestion for that issue to solve that and encourage all apartment including HUD to install that kind fire alert will save thousands lives.

  2. All houses should face the same code as buildings.
    Loud sounders in all hall ways with bright visual notification. all rooms more than 20 square feet should have visual notification.
    Any room that occupies 2 or more people should have visual notification.
    Safety is hard to regulate and mandate. especially when people get so upset so easily.

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