Help for the Eyes… Finally

I whined and moaned in this entry about the problem with my eyes aching and feeling pressure. My regular doctor told me to see the ophthalmologist rather than my optometrist (Talked to him, too).
She said all my symptoms pointed to dry eye syndrome. First thing to try was adding tears (eye drops) four times a day and then an eye gel at night. After two weeks of that, I didn’t feel better. The office did a test on my eyes at that appointment and the results stated I had severely dry eyes.
The doctor put in plugs (didn’t bother me at all) and I will continue my routine (if she hadn’t put in plugs, I would’ve had to put tears in EIGHT times a day). All About Vision has a great entry about dry eyes complete with animation showing how plugs get inserted. The entry says that Dallas/Fort Worth is one of the top 10 cities named as a dry eye hot spot.
After reading up and talking to the doctor — It’s no surprise that I had serious dry eye problems as I had LASIK in 1999, took meds that can lead to dry eyes, and being a woman (hormones can cause dry eyes). But my eyes never felt dry and she said that can happen — maybe I adjusted.
Anyway, there you have it. If you hear someone is having problems and can’t find answers — here’s one possibility to check into. While this has nothing to do with deafness, I had people asking me if it could be related. So it isn’t related in my case.
Two more pages with good info. One from Mayo Clinic and the other from The Eye Digest.

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