Illness and Hearing

I didn’t wear my implant for almost two days because I was sick. When I put it back on — whoa, it was uncomfortable. Took a little time, but got used to it. It takes time to get used to wearing braces and eye contacts — the same applies to hearing aids and cochlear implants. But why did I have to start over every time I got a new hearing aid? It was understandable when I got the cochlear implant.
I had a lot of ear infections when I was a kid (nothing to do with my hearing loss as far as I know) and I couldn’t wear my hearing aids when that happened. It got so bad that I was no longer “used” to wearing two hearing aids at the same time — plus, we had to send it in for repairs.
And from then on, I wore both hearing aids, but I would switch between ears depending on which sounded better. I never told my parents until years later. I believe it was high school when I got a new set of hearing aids and I got used to wearing both at the same time again.
Now with a cochlear implant, I am back to one. I don’t know if I want to get a cochlear implant for my other ear. I fear getting sick again from the surgery. That lasted too long and I don’t have time to be sick like that. Heck, I didn’t have time to be sick for the past week and now I’m behind.


  1. Just wanted to tell, after reading your blog, that you ar great !!!
    Kind regards from The Netherlands.

  2. I am sorry to hear that you are ill. Please note that you had ear infections, and now you are suffering from cochlear implants
    every illness have a reason why it happens for you. I think it is because your body rejected the hearing aid or cochlear implants.
    Have you thought about deaf community where you can communicate with other deaf via sign language?

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