My Eyes

Actually, this entry should be in the whining category. I just feel like I need to rant about it since nothing else works. My eyes have been aching. It gets so bad that I can’t do anything but rest on the sofa or in my room. It comes and goes… even two or three times in a day. Sometimes it comes with nausea. Sometimes, it has tightness around my forehead (like a tension headache). Sometimes the eyes don’t hurt, but the head is tight.
The doctor believes it’s both migraine and tension headaches. It makes sense… but the Excedrin Migraine isn’t working or at least, not keeping it away for even one day. I took the stronger medicine for the first time, so we’ll see how that goes. He warned me it could make me feel blah, which is why I avoided taking it. Close enough to my bedtime.
I am not under any more stress than normal, but I need to feel decent since Paul’s hours are unpredictable as he started a new job last week. Last night was awful. I felt lousy, he didn’t get home till 7pm, one of the boys was being extremely difficult for the first time in a while… I didn’t have the energy to do my mommy job.
It feels wrong to whine when I have a friend who is MISERABLE. Doctor said to call back if the meds don’t work. But I just can’t see the problem being anything else. I go to doctors too much and am tired of making up my hours at work for the time lost to go to appointments.
I’ve been to the ENT and had a CAT scan of the sinuses. Nothing wrong. I’ve been to the neurologist and that’s the one who said it might be migraines without the headaches. I’ve been to the optometrist. No clues.
When I’m in public and people can tell I’m not comfortable — they ask if it’s low blood sugar. It isn’t that either. Meanwhile, I continue experiencing ache in my eyes off and on. I’ve searched the Internet for answers and found none. I even left several messages where doctors provide advice and none have yet to offer anything helpful.


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