My Son's Hearing

I got a surprise from the school nurse. She said that my youngest, a five-year-old kindergartener, failed his hearing test twice. The state required that she notify the parents and ask for a follow up. His hearing was fine until this point. The problem appeared only in his right ear and at the highest pitch (they test three levels).
Since he had been coughing and had a sinus infection, we thought it could be fluid. He went to see his regular doctor who pronounced no fluid and no wax. So the next step was to set up an appointment with the ENT and audiologist in his office.
We know it isn’t a hereditary thing as my hearing loss was a birth defect. His next follow up comes on February 3. Yes, it puts a family on the edge. I never dreamed that hearing loss would hit my children (the older two have full hearing).
I debated whether to share this story. But it’s deaf-related and thus, it should be here. Whatever will be, will be. That’s all.
I know some deaf parents are proud to have deaf children while others cry. I’m not going into that. This is simply my son’s story and we’re already working on the next step.


    • Ann_C on January 26, 2009 at 8:33 pm
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    Young children who develop hearing loss later in childhood may have had a series of ear infections, a childhood disease, or took ototoxic drugs for a flu or other illness. The ENT doctor will want your child’s ailment/prescription drugs history to determine if indeed your child’s hearing loss is due to an outside cause.
    Since you, as the parent, already have a hearing loss, you will understand this young boy and what he goes thru with his hearing loss. Many deaf or HOH individuals were born or raised in hearing families and never had an adult who can say it’s ok and to emulate for a role model. He’s the lucky ‘un.

    • Lisa C. on January 26, 2009 at 9:24 pm
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    Great blog. I hope your son’s hearing test goes well. I’m relieved that both of my sons are hearing and they know that my hearing loss at birth is hereditary.

  1. Ann, definitely. I carry all of my children’s medical history in my little handheld device. Who can remember the exact med names and dosages and such? That’s the mystery — he hasn’t had any serious illnesses or ear infections. It’s a puzzlement and goodness knows I’ve done a lot of reading on deafness over the years.
    Lisa, thank you.

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