Other Stories

An athlete from Austin, a Romanian girl, and a father’s son.
As a member of several cochlear implant forums, I’m impressed with the different histories of the courageous people who shared their stories and paved way for newbies like me. After all, someone had to go first.
Actually, we looked into cochlear implants waayyyy back in 1984, summer olympic season in L.A. My parents and I went to LA to House Ear Institute to explore options. At the time, the implants weren’t strong enough for someone of my situation. Who ever thought that almost 20 years later that I’d be in this boat? While in LA, we experienced another wild story.
Yes, we made it to Disneyland and even checked out a taping of Wheel of Fortune and Benson. We got the heck out of there before the olympics began.
Great quote from MetroWest Daily News:
“The surgery is easy. The hard part is defining the expectations after surgery. Everyone thinks it’s like turning on a light switch, but it’s not.”