Simple Success Secrets

In writing about 5 to 10 things that he does almost every day to stay successful, Stephen Hopson of Adversity University tagged me. Aaron of Today is that Day started the project, and I tag the next set of bloggers at the end of this post.

1. Read.
I love books and the knowledge they present. Have to exercise the brain cells, which I also do by completing a Sudoku puzzle.
2. Interact meaningfully with my family.
Time flies. I don’t want to reflect on my life and think, “I wish I had spent more time with my kids when they were toddlers, in grade school … ” I want to enjoy every age — sure there are rough years, but there’s always something good. My daughter, who is 13, acts like a typical teen. But we’ve enjoyed a good discussion and her bat mitzvah.
3. Exercise.
Pump the heart and strength the muscles.
4. Follow routine.
I go to bed and wake up almost the exact time every day. I make sure I get eight hours of sleep as I don’t function well on anything under seven hours. Routine keeps things in check and ensures you get what you need done. For instance, I start my day by doing my required blogging. It’s something that I know I need to do and I get to check it off my list giving my day a great start. I also keep marketing my business no matter how much work I have.
5. Do something fun.
My latest thing is playing and reviewing games. Games aren’t timewasters. When you enjoy something — it’s good for you. Some games require thinking, logic, and planning ahead. All great tools for exercising the mind. I also play mahjongg with friends a couple of times a month.
6. Write.
It’s my profession. Writing lots and often ensures I keep up the writing skills and everything that goes with writing.
7. Study goals.
I have set goals and think about them, so when I take action — I’m getting closer to reaching them.
8. Appreciate my family and my life.
I volunteer, appreciate my children’s health and who they are, remember those who struggle to find food and a roof over their heads.
9. Respond to email within 24 hours.
Since the email is my primary means of communicating at a distance, I aim to return them quickly so people know I’m dependable.
10. Stay organized.
I don’t function well in a messy environment. So I’m an organized freak (not to Monk’s degree) — not always a good thing especially when you have three kids. I like everything to have a place, but it isn’t always possible to quickly figure it out.
Tagging the following bloggers:
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  1. on the list of things i need to do and include every dayin no particular order:
    1: Internet, Must check my emails, blogs and gallery everyday, I need my internet fix!its usually done and out of the way in early morning before my college routein or late in the evening before bed when everything is done!it helps me keep in touch with people I dont see everyday 🙂
    2: Meet my Fiance for lunch at 12:30 or 1pm, it is very important for us to spend quality time together in the middle of the day away from college, for me, and out of the office for him, our time within the busy day, we miss eachother terribly if we miss this 🙂
    3: loads of water! sounds obscure but I go through tons of water and I feel much the better and healthier when I do, if theres ever a day I miss my ‘2 liter a day at least’ intake im groggy and less fuctional!
    4: Laugh! I laugh every day! I always make time to chat with friends and family and have a good giggle, though im a bit of a messer so that helps too! but laughter is good for the soul 🙂 🙂
    5: Photography: Im an artist and Photographer, and it is part of my everyday life to carry my camera everywhere, I love nothing more than to sit down and do some photoshop work in the evening and see the results of the days shoot, also theres nothing nicer than to look over old photographs and hold on to those otherwise lost memories 🙂
    6: Find what makes you happy, if only for a few moments : PLAY, FUN, Games, Games, GAMES GAMES and gadgets!! im a Gaming and Gadget fanatic, if you know me, ull know I own every Nintendo console ever made, and I adore to sit down and lose myself in some games, and I love to play with gadgets, be it phones, computers, cameras MP3s or anything that requires batteries or power! FUN!
    7: LOVE! Say I love you! odd I know, and i never have to make a consious effort to do it, but every day I say I love you, to either my family or fiance, and its lovely to hear it back but even nicer to know we mean it when we say it to each other 🙂
    8: Music: Though im severely deaf, I take time to hear and listen to music every day, it helps me appreciate the little bit I have left and appreciate it for the time I have it left for!
    9: Appreciate Nature, no im not a hippay! but I do adore a good day with sunshine, and the birds hopping around the place, and the wind blowing the trees and flowers, and I JUST LOVE to walk barefoot in the grass! iv no idea why but I love it! im just waiting till I get bitten by something, but untill then ill keep doing it!although I mostely do that in the summer, its darn cold here outside of the summer months and it helps me appreciate that im here to witness life and nature 🙂
    10: Confide and find Comfort in something or someone! be it God if ur religious, a friend or even something material Like I do, because im a big child, I confide in a teddy bear, He was given to me by my Fiance shortly after we started going out, and the sentimental attatchment is HUGE! laugh if you will, but if im down in the dumps and iv spoken all I can with the humans in my life, I get no other comfort than I do in that little bear! ridiculose to some, but it works for me and if it makes you happy thats all that matters 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Lette 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Meryl,
    Thanks for participating in the Simply Success Secrets project, and you have a powerful list here!
    I LOVE this quote:
    “When you enjoy something — it’s good for you.”
    I truly hope that people internalize that amazing bit of knowledge. We live in such a “work-centric” society that people often forget that the goal is to enjoy life, not to work until we die.
    Thanks again for sharing your insights, Meryl, and be sure to keep an eye on my blog for the master summary of success secrets that I will post after everyone has had a chance to participate.

  3. Love this list– it’s so similar to what I have on mine! 🙂

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