Study of Sign Language Growing Popular

Whenever I meet someone who learns I’m deaf, I often get “I’ve taken ASL classes” or “I want to learn ASL.” I think it’s great and it’s obviously a growing language as this article reports the study of sign language drastically increasing.
I loved taking Spanish and French in high school. It’s a shame so few high schools offer much more than that. Mine had German, Latin, and Russian. A friend of mine’s daughters are taking Japanese. Many people from countries other than the U.S. are fluent in at least two languages. How many Americans are not counting those whose family members speak another language?

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  1. I’m graduating out of a teacher of the (oral) deaf program and when I tell people what I do, they always say “Oh, so you know sign language?!?!” They mean well, but my last sign class was 2+ years ago and I don’t use ASL in the classroom, so I’ve forgotten a good deal of what I’ve learned. Incidentally, I did take ASL in high school (along with Spanish and French) and then I got into an oral university.. go figure. Even so, I think it’s great when people learn ASL or any other language.

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