Technology Lags for the Deaf

With Baby Boomers hitting middle age, the number of deaf people is climbing. Millions Of Us Are Going Deaf And Our Computer Won’t Help Us rants about the things many deaf people discovered long before now. Still, it’s an insightful read and helps spread the word about the challenges deaf and HoH people face.


  1. well im having a problem in college at the moment, as my hearing gets worse, im left more and more isolated with regards to lectures, where the room is dark, so I cant lip read and I have no terp, so im lost!! my lecturer gives me notes and I have to go off and learn and try to understand them on my own, as I dont hear a thing in the lectures i might as well not be there, also, I lipread, and I have only level one sign language, and I have no form of terp or help!! if anyone knows of anything that can help me, please let me know!! 🙁

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