The iPod Touch Rules!

I accidentally discovered a feature in the iPod Touch that I didn’t know was there. I copied lyrics into a song’s lyric tab in iTunes and forgot about it. I listened to the iPod Touch on my road trip to and from Austin (of course, I was NOT driving). On the way home, while listening to a song that had an album cover — my finger slipped and hit the screen.
dancing_queen.jpgWhat do you know? The lyrics appeared in front of the album, which faded into the background. Eureka moment!!! From then on, I was hooked on my iPod Touch and went digging through my old CDs to grab anything I enjoyed, but never bothered listening to because I didn’t know the lyrics. I loaded over 100 songs and copied/pasted several hundred lyrics (my eyes hurt forcing me to stop searching for songs and lyrics).
To add the album artwork and the lyrics, right click any song and select Get Info. See the screen shot on the left.
iTunes still doesn’t make it easy to find closed captioned media (meaning music, podcasts, videos, all of them — not just videos). I found a captioned law podcast as well as SpaceGeek and Tecnocato HD videos.
Now my longer car rides are enjoyable! I hated car trips — and still do as they make me miserable — but the iPod Touch makes them bearable. Progress… finally! Next step… captioned popular media. iTunes needs to have a captioned option in its search — not just in the movies, but ALL media search.


    • kay on July 31, 2008 at 10:27 am
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    There are some lyrics software for itunes. For Windows, you can use Evil Lyrics or, what i believe to be better, MiniLyrics.
    MiniLyrics is very easy to use and has a very nice appereance, but it’s unlike Evil Lyrics not freeware. MiniLyrics costs about $15, that’s a fair price, I think.
    What do you recommend me?

    • Meryl on July 31, 2008 at 10:31 am
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    I tried Evil Lyrics a long time ago, and it never materialized. I can’t recall why… but I think it was the lack of lyrics for my songs and it took too much work.
    I checked out the site and it looks like it has changed a bit since my first download. I’ll take a look. Thanks for mentioning both apps.
    Both apps claim to work for MP3 players, but they sound like more work than what I do with the iPod Touch.

    • Dy on August 1, 2008 at 3:54 am
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    How cool! I use EvilLyrics quite often to look up new songs. My current mp3 player is an iRiver and doesn’t have the capability of displaying the lyrics. Hopefully my next one will.

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