Travel and Vacation

Whenever you travel or go on vacation and stay in a hotel, ask the hotel (in advance while making reservations) for accommodations. Most will put you in a room with equipment such as a visual fire alarm and a TTY phone. Almost every hotel I’ve been to in the past few years has captions unless they have old TVs.
Unfortunately, not all countries are accommodating as described in The disabling cost of traveling. Darn it. I am going to Austin tomorrow and I forgot to ask about accommodations. Ah well, at least, it’s a short trip.
One annoyance of traveling is when I don’t rent a car. If the hotel has shuttle pick up at the airport, you have to call on those phones that automatically dial the hotel. I’m working around it by taking my Sidekick and contacting family who will call the hotel and let them know I’m waiting for pick up. Feels childish to do that, but no choice.