Watches on the Way out?

Wristwatches Get the Back of the Hand says that more people are skipping the wristwatches and relying on handheld devices for the time. Why am I posting this here? I stopped wearing a watch because of my cochlear implant.
I understand the confusion. Because of the implant, I got a medical bracelet that says my name, that I have a cochlear implant, not to do an MRI, and I read lips. I wear it on my watch-wearing wrist. When I tried it on my left wrist, it was making too much noise and bothered me when I wrote. I be a southpaw, indeedy.
I would’ve liked to wear the medical bracelet as an anklet, but how many people check there when a person is unconscious? They’re more commonly worn as necklaces or bracelets.
I tried wearing my watch with the bracelet, but it drove me insane. So now I rely on my Palm or Sidekick II for the time. I’d rather wear a watch, but what can I do?
Besides, when you go to a formal event, do you want to rely on gadgets for time? I think a classic watch or timepiece is more appropriate.


  1. Hi there Merly, sorry to read that you’re unable to wear that kind of dress jewellery.
    I myself had a (very) small collection of wristwatches when was kid. I have no idea what has became of (all) those pieces now 🙁
    I’m pretty sure I once had a Rolex. But the one I really miss more than ever is an old Zenith wristwatch given to me when I was a kid.
    To be honest, there’s so much technology out there, and in there that doesn’t display some kind of time whether you’re on your computer, watching the box, or simply using the microwave. You just can’t help but not see the time.
    Personally speaking, if it wasn’t for me job I wouldn’t even bother wearing one. But, because I do it’s become quite a habbit not to.

  2. wrist watches like Movado gives a status quo when wearing it, which you cannot get from handheld phones

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