Winter Headband

It finally got cold enough for me to try the headband that covers the ears. When I tried it on, it looked like a good fit. But of course, I didn’t have my tennis sunglasses on to add to the bulk. At first, it worked well. When I adjusted the headband, I was surprised to find my behind the ear part of the cochlear implant way off my ear while the magnet hung on for dear life.
From there, it was downhill. I played softball almost my entire childhood and I don’t remember ever struggling to wear a baseball hat with two hearing aids. However, I didn’t have to deal with a magnet sitting further up my head to make things difficult. Funny thing was when we started wearing baseball caps less often, I hated giving up my cap. I guess there was just something about having the complete softball uniform — hat and all.
At least, the cochlear implant worked despite of the behind the ear floating away from the ear. A hearing aid might not work as well because of the microphone, which would have trouble getting reception through the headband.
Another possibility is the golf cap. I recently learned these are bigger than regular baseball caps and can cover the ears.

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