May 2005 archive

Signing Web Pages

I’ve been hearing about avatars and the latest does sign language. This avatar compares nothing to the ones we see in forums, pictures of favorite people, shows, things, and whatnot. Sites and applications adapting human avatars have them walking in front of the Web content you’re viewing much like a tour guide. It sounds like …

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Writing Proper English Follow up

I got a great comment from Alicia Lane. Rather than putting it in the comments of the post from April 14, I’m posting it here. She offers an argument that I had not considered. However, I still can’t compare English / ASL to those who speak Spanish as the primary language and English as a …

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I’ve spent my entire career working in an office setting where you have your analysts, specialists, team leaders, managers, and directors. When I first started my career as a management trainee with a government department, I had high ambition. I wanted to go into the workforce, learn my way around, and climb, climb, climb. Management—the …

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