June 2005 archive

Conference Calls

From job one, I’ve had to deal with meetings by conference calls… long before travel became restricted due to tightening budgets and more technology. I recall attending a regularly-scheduled conference call meeting while working in the FAA. I used the relay service to call in. It wasn’t easy. I felt sorry for the operator who …

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Children's Audio Books

I mentioned before I had been looking for audio of children’s books and I didn’t want Winnie the Pooh or Disney. BTW, John Fielder, the voice of Piglet passed away. Anyway, I got Dr. Seuss CDs: Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. I figured out many of the phrases from reading the …

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Wireless Helps with Staying Connected

I’ve mentioned getting a Sidekick II and you can get your own relay number. These two things make it easier to share my phone number and for people to reach me. The Sidekick comes with AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and Yahoo! Instant Messenger, so I can stay in touch with family when they’re by their …

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Why I Am Stuck Doing Email Interviews

Donna Talarico writes about her experience in moving from email interviews to in-person interviews. Nothing beats face-to-face meetings as it’s the most intimate way to connect with the person whom you speak. Except for me, face-to-face puts my articles at risk for incorrect information and quotes. You see, I’ve been profoundly deaf since birth. I …

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My Eyes

Actually, this entry should be in the whining category. I just feel like I need to rant about it since nothing else works. My eyes have been aching. It gets so bad that I can’t do anything but rest on the sofa or in my room. It comes and goes… even two or three times …

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Hit the Road, Jackie

This is an entry for Blogging for Books #12. It’s been a while since I submitted one, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s funny, one of the others wrote about her honeymoon to Disneyworld. I had thought about that since my own 16th wedding anniversary arrives on Saturday, June 11. But the …

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Pocket PC Does Hearing Tests

Otovation has created Pocket Hearo LE that turns a Pocket PC into an audiometer. Should make it easy for audiologists to conduct testing out in the field.

Student Heads to Yale

Always great o read a success story like this Deaf student who proved doctors wrong; she’s headed to Yale. She also won a scholarship from the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I won the same scholarship twice. I have always wondered if I could have gotten accepted at harder …

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