January 2008 archive

Captioning Online Videos January 2008 Update

Nothing new has happened with regarding to captioning online or downloadable videos. I researched iPod captioning again to see if something had changed since the iTunes v7.4 comes with show captioning option as shown in iLounge. However, I came across DiveintoMark’s entry on how to view his videoblogs with captions. Reviewing this — we have …

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Pepsi's silent Super Bowl ad was Plano man's idea

Hey, this is exciting news… considering I live in Plano. Just watched the — of course, captioned — video and laughed out loud. Well, congrats… Pepsi is getting more promotion out of it with blogs like this posting about it. Hope it makes up for the big budget they put into airing it during the …

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Links: 2008-01-22

Great links to interesting articles and sites. Sharon reports Deaf actor in There Will Be Blood Sharon also has a great list of over 170 adolescent books containing deaf characters. Kathleen says her speech was better after learning ASL fluenty. This is fascinating as I observed an oral deaf person who later learned sign language …

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Rally Caps

Just read about Rally Caps at Hearing Exchange. It sounds like a nice story. Stories surrounding a disability or difference don’t always make a good read. I was looking for a children’s book with a deaf character to read to 2nd graders and didn’t like any of the ones I found. So this might have …

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Waiting for the World to Change

Found this great video on Blogs with a Face. I may not know much ASL, but the video gets its message across loud and clear. Within an hour of writing this, I saw this song with captions on TV. It’s a lovely song.

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Deaf Adventures Playing Tennis

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been embarrassed while playing sports. Just last weekend, I was running to the far side of the tennis court when I see classmates waving at me and pointing to the other side. Obviously, I needed to go to the near side of the court. Usually, I make sure …

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Closed-Captioned HD Radio by NPR

Radio was never a top priority for captioning mainly because I don’t sit in the passenger’s seat very often. I’m not about to read radio and drive. What I do want is the ability to see the song and group singing it so I know what songs I like. I know lots of radios do …

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Deaf Bunny

Ahem. This Wired article is a fascinating read, but read it in a safe place not at work or some place where someone seeing “Sex Drive” on your screen would embarrass. Sex sells. No matter how you do it.