July 2003 archive

Birth Defect

I neglected to explain why I was born deaf. I have sensineural hearing loss, which in most cases is a permanent hearing loss. The causes of a sensorineural hearing loss are numerous: nerve damage due to illness, menengitis, maternal rubella, RH blood incompatibility, scarlet fever, absence of semicoclear fluid, cytomeglovirus, chronic exposure to loud noises …

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Speech Coding Strategies

In exchanging emails with another cochlear implant recipient, he asked what coding strategy I was going to use when hooked up. Imagine a perplexed look on my face. You may think it’s nuts that I’m taking on such a big undertaking that I wouldn’t be up to speed on coding strategies. Remember, I was just …

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The Album Is Open

I promised pictures. And pictures there be!

One Small Step

I did manage to get one computer task done today and it felt good to do it. However, I’m being forced to share a column with another person because of my inability to work right now. They didn’t twist my arm into doing this, but I agree it’s necessary since it’s a timing issue. Oh, …

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I’m at my desktop PC trying to see if I can work wearing shades. Nope. I’m sick to my stomach.

Get Updates

If you’re not familiar with RSS newsfeeds, which is available with this blog (look over to the right and scroll down)… then you can sign up for email notification to be updated via email when there is a new entry here. God knows we’re all busy and can’t always remember to check on friends and …

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I rarely post my personal feelings in a blog, but I am just so frustrated and angry with being cooped up and uncomfortable. No one to talk with since poor Paul is stuck with the house work and managing the kids. I watched the baby while Paul took the middle child out to run errands. …

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Still Dizzy

Title says it all. Still in bed carefully treading water.

Rough Night

I didn’t have a good night. It started with coughing, then the ear started having a few sharp pains. Poor Paul had to get up to get my a painkiller. I continued to cough later in the night. Paul had to get up with the baby, so I had to weave my way to the …

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Update from the Girl Herself

The doctor said the surgery was uneventful. I was told it would take two hours. Instead, it took 45 minutes. I was rolled away at 7:20 am, fell asleep before I hit the operating room, and surgery started at 7:45 am. When I woke up, I found a clock and couldn’t quite tell what time …

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