December 2008 archive

More Online Captioned Videos and iTunes

It’s hard to find captioned or subtitled videos online. Came across two good resources: by the awesome Bill Creswell ( 2GuysTalking go on the hunt for captioning. iTunes has an option where you can search all closed-captioned movies (list continues to be skimpy and pitiful). Surprised it doesn’t let you search for music …

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Deborah alerted me to a service that does subtitling. SubPLY is offering to do free captioning of YouTube videos. That’s a big job to make such an offer, but I’m sure it’s temporary to help promote the service.


Will Cox sent this to me. Love it. I always wondered how hearing people can sleep. It just bugs me to think of going to bed with my hearing turned on. Sure, I’ve taken a nap with my hearing aids on — but mostly because I was conked. But to go to bed and wait …

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Speech to Text Software with Deaf Accent

This post will show you what I said and what this stuff where code [Line spoken should be, “the software heard”]. I strike out the software’s mistakes and picked [put] the correct version in practice [brackets]. Here we go… For those of you not familiar with beast to pick up where [speech to text software], …

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No MRIs: One Downside of Cochlear Implants

I haven’t blogged as much lately as so many things hit at once. My kid with the challenges was having a lot of them and at the same time a herniated disc and inflamed piriformis muscle hit. The pain prevented me from walking, so I had a series of three epidural steroid injections. The first …

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Four Things about Me

Dawn tagged me for this Fantastic Four meme, and, hey, what the heck. I’m game since I have done this before by email and can copy/paste without having to force my sick hand to type much. The rules to play the Fantastic Four meme are simple: 1. Copy/paste the questions into your blog. 2. Type …

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Deaf Twitter Group

Been quiet for a while between my herniated disc and hand surgery. Still can’t type much, so I’ll just point the way. Bryen’s intro Deaf Twitter Group