January 2006 archive

Fire Safety for the Deaf

Fire Safety for the Deaf talks about two deaf women who died as a result of a hotel fire because no one woke them up. Whenever I travel alone, I ensure that I get a room for the deaf or people with disabilities. I was in a fire in my grandparents’ house when I was …

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Accessibility Survey

The purpose of the Accessibility Survey is to gather information about deaf and hard of hearing people as a consumer market. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is entertaining. [ Link: Deafnetwork ]

FDA Cochlear Implant Information

Cochlear Implants has comprehensive on cochlear implants including an excellent movie that shows how the ear works, how hearing loss happens, and how the device works.

Deaf Person Sails Around the World

Silent Voyager tells the story of a man who has been deaf since a burn accident destroyed his hearing as a child. He dreamed of becoming the first deaf person to sail solo around the world. And he did it on December 19, 2004. [ Link: Deafnetwork ]

Job as a Television Sub-Titler (Captions)

A former television subtitler (the person who does the captioning) in the UK writes about her experiences and point-of-view in Let’s Not Overlook The Deaf, Hearing Impaired – or Hearing. She mentions an exhibition called Hearwear at Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum.

First iTunes Song Purchase

I rarely discover new music as I can’t identify the songs I hear on the radio. I know there’s a resource that helps with that, but I can’t collect information to be able to use the resource. However, I liked a new song that I heard on CSI. It’s the famous episode where Nike Stokes …

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Deaf Boxer Needs a Home

From DeafNetwork of Texas: “Hello. I am with the Protective Animal League in Dallas. I am currently fostering a one-year-old white deaf male Boxer. I’m looking for a permanent home for him. “He is a very loving dog. A really great boy. He will make a great companion for someone. He just needs someone that …

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Deaf Man Sterilized after Marriage

I’m at a loss for words… Deaf youth sterilized five months after marriage. It’s not clear from the article what happened. Something about a health worker who has since been suspended. Deaf and mute isn’t necessarily a hereditary condition. Of course, there isn’t enough info in the article to draw conclusions. The only thing that …

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Deaf Geek Mods Implant Firmware

Boing Boing: Deaf geek mods implant-firmware so he can enjoy music again based on Wired story. It’s wonderful that Michael Chorost. has had great success with his implant. I continue to go to speech and listening therapy every Thursday and listen to 1080 AM radio (talk radio) and catch words and phrases here and there. …

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Company Sells Products for Hearing Impaired

I’ve known the Anders for years as I grew up in Fort Worth. Their daughter was a couple of years older than me and we met through a mutual friend. Last I heard, she was a lawyer in California. Sidney Anders has been attending the famous CES in Vegas for years, but this year he …

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