August 2009 archive

Disability Style Guide

Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s [National Center on Disability and Journalism]( provides a style guide that explains the common terms related to disabilities and their usage. The style guide points which items follow the AP style guide and which don’t. It offers tips on when to use certain words …

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Beward Scam Targets Deaf

Just got the following email — brilliant. They’re targeting the deaf. Because of their ability to not only identify me as a deaf person, but they also mention “Texas” (my home state). They mention National Association for the Deaf (NAD). The email doesn’t request a bank account — nonetheless, ignore the email. Here’s an excerpt: …

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Free Tools for Captioning YouTube Videos

Terrill Thompson of University of Washington has a great post detailing [free tools to caption YouTube videos]( and reviews some of the applications. I’ve used [CaptionTube to do my video]( – [CapScribe]( Mac and Firefox – [CaptionTube]( web-based – [dotSub]( web-based – [Easy YouTube Caption Creator]( web-based – [MAGpie]( Windows and Mac – [Overstream]( web-based …

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