November 2004 archive

Transparent Operators

I’ve reported on the Captel phone in the past and has an article about real life experiences with it. One question remains: how accurate are the captions? I’ve sent an email to the writer.

Communication between Deaf and Blind

The article is about the Vardon family that you may have seen on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I could not imagine how a son who is blind could communicate with his parents who are both deaf. Well, I thought of a few ways, but still couldn’t imagine the challenges. The article explains the technology that …

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Better Captioning

TV stations seek better captioning talks about a Tampa resident who didn’t Hurricane Charley had changed direction from Tampa to Punta Gorda. Because of this, they were scared longer than necessary. I agree news stations need to improve captioning. I am grateful that most caption at all, but there have been key breaking news stories …

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Oh, how I’d love to have the ViaScribe for meetings and conferences. Unfortunately, this is for college settings and not personal use. I contacted a person working on the project who confirmed this. Maybe once this succeeds, personal use is the next step. That’s my hope–to have technology for translating what people are saying much …

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Bee's Knees

This is not just another “baby got a cochlear implant” story. His mom invented pants for crawlers to prevent their knees from hurting and donated part of the proceeds to the Learning and Listen Foundation. I apologize for the next sentence. Isn’t that just the bee’s knees?

Students Sues College over Notes

While reading Student sues college over notetaking, I recalled my own experiences with notetakers in college. I had one excellent one in my freshman year and a lousy one. Go figure, the lousy one was in the economics class, where I needed extra help as I stuggled with classes like that. He was an economics …

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Hunting for Jobs

Deafbase has good tips for people who are deaf in finding a job. It’s awful searching for jobs especially when you don’t have one or despise your current one. My husband has been out of work since March 2003. I wouldn’t whine about it as I do have two jobs to support the family (barely), …

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Jack in the Box Lawsuit

A person who is deaf sued Jack in the Box for discrimination and he won. He got a job with McDs after the rejection. When I was in high school, there was one place that rejected me: WalMart. Looking back, I wonder why. I worked at Toys R Us with no problems and the work …

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Audio Demos for Speech Perception

Audio demos for speech perception demonstration of what a CI sounds like: Dictionary of Mapping Terms provides words to use when describing the sound heard to the audiologist:

Blogging for Books #5

I enjoy this contest. This month’s was a tough one to write about because last month’s story really belongs here, but I didn’t want to write about the same thing. Read my “Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any crazier…” submission.

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