March 2006 archive

New Disabilities Determination Process for SS

Social Security Administration’s Disability Service Improvement has announced that the final rule establishing a new disability determination process is on public display at the Office of the Federal Register. This is for those who receive or need to receive supplemental security income (SSI). Mary Chatel (Mary.Chatel at, Executive Director of Disability Service Improvement, is …

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Sign Language on the Web

In the Sign-language takes to the web interview, the CEO of SignPost suggests that live sign language would be more beneficial than subtitling. People who use sign language are supposed to learn how to read and write in the official language of wherever they’re from. Subtitles reach a far wider audience than sign language. However, …

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Schools Learn About Disabilities

Students, staff try being deaf for a day isn’t unusual as many schools have diversity programs where students learn what it’s like to deal with various challenges from not being able to walk to not being able to see. Integrating such lessons in the school curriculum will go a long way in helping kids become …

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Operation Lifesaver Educates Deaf Community

Tara Rose McAvoy didn’t have to die. She wasn’t even ON the railroad tracks, but near them. Obviously she and many others didn’t know that walking a a couple of feet away from the track could be dangerous. Gerri Hall, president of Operation Lifesaver said, “Many people do not realize there is at least a …

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Synagogues Offer Intepreters for Deaf

Synagogue offers sign language interpreter to help its deaf congregants follow services. I don’t like going to services. It was torture to sit there for hours staring at the ceiling. As a result, I don’t last long in services or lectures where I can’t follow what’s going on. Why don’t I sit in the front? …

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Preventing Hearing Loss

Wired article on preventing hearing loss talks about music, headphones, and speakers and how they affect hearing. The second page of the article provides tips for preventing hearing loss. A lawnmower is 85 – 90 dB. Here’s a list of sounds and how loud they are. Dangerous Decibles is working to help prevent noise-induced hearing …

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Winter Olympics Bobsledder's Son Receives Implant

Olympian Vonetta Flowers Deaf Son Hears Cheers after receiving a rare auditory brain-stem transplant in Italy, a surgery that’s not approved in the United States. Flowers gave birth to twins who arrived prematurely. The daughter has normal hearing while the son has bilateral atresia (underdeveloped outer ears). A cochlear implant doesn’t help people with a …

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Deaf Candidate Runs for Mayor

A Danville, Kentucky, resident wrote a letter to the editor in support of a deaf candidate for mayor. Couldn’t find more info on the Web other than short excerpts essentially saying the same thing.

Media Notices Captions Lacking Online

Thanks to Codeman38 for pointing out these articles from MSNBC regarding the lack of captions or transcripts on online videos. It’s a fast-growing frustration especially with video in iPods, PDAs, and another portable players. I can’t download TV shows and enjoy them like most of the public. The Red Tape Chronicles Subtitles: Deaf to the …

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Miss Deaf Texas Killed by Train

Bad news: Miss Deaf Texas Struck and Killed By Train in Austin. Apparently she was walking alongside of the tracks where she was close enough to get hit. Hearts and prayers go out to her family. More articles on Miss Deaf Texas and one from CNN. Updated on March 15, 2006 “DPHH Austin wants to …

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