October 2005 archive

Short Survey

A group of MBA students at Washington University in St. Louis is conducting a survey on behalf of a company called iMAT, which is developing a new product to benefit the deaf and hard-of-hearing. It would be most appreciated if you would help this educational endeavor, and also help a company trying to assist deaf …

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Making Webcasts Accessible to the Deaf

I’ve largely ignored webcasting and podcasting — just learning enough to understand what’s going on and staying up to speed with online technologies. But beyond that, it’s a waste of my time. I had thought about downloading podcasts and using them to practice listening, but I have enough material thanks to the speech therapist. Besides, …

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Blasting Speakers

Ah, the good ol’ days when we had three feet tall speakers. I’d take out my hearings aids and press my ear against the speaker with the stereo volume turned way up. This was the only way I could hear with my own ears. I got reminded of this yesterday. My son’s school had a …

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Texas Residents Only – Captel Phone Sale

Brand New Captels for $99 Sprint and WCI has come to an agreement to promote this special for Texas Residents only. It’s available for a limited time and for a limited number of units. WCI is now offering brand new CapTels (Captioned Telephones) for only $99.00 each. It will come with a one-year full money …

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Sign Language Is Not Just for the Deaf Anymore

Having three kids, I’ve no doubt heard about baby sign language. I did try to use some obvious signs with my kids while saying the word at the same time. I guess I didn’t force it enough since my younger two (I wasn’t familiar with it when I was a new mom — had enough …

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Hearing Loss Information and Resources

Went to Cochlear’s Web site and found my way to this Hearing Loss Education Center’s resource page, which contains links to lyrics sites and more listening Web sites. I’ve updated the Auditory Training page.

Implant Helps with Music

I was surprised when I came across this article: Implant may help deaf hear music as I thought the implant helps with everything. So it was an interesting read. I guess it’s hard for me to say how well an implant works with music because I’ve never had hearing to begin with. But when I …

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This fascinating report says Deaf Students May Have Advantage in Studying Geologic Faults. It makes sense without reading it because we have a sensitivity to vibrations. In reality, “… students who use American Sign Language (ASL) are often already adept at this 3-D thinking, and it may give them an advantage when grappling with the …

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Rapper Is Losing Hearing

Foxy Brown Reveals She Is Going Deaf. She has a rare condition that affects 1 in 10,000, but the article doesn’t say what. She may not have been in this position had she sought help as soon as she knew something was wrong. Whenever something changes… listen to your body and get the help you …

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Michael Chorost wrote Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human. It’s the story of him losing is hearing and regaining it with a CI. I admire people like him because it’s harder to have hearing and then lose it than it is to be born without it. When you’re born without hearing, you …

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