September 2003 archive

About Cochlear Implants

NIDCD Health Information has an easy to read Q&A page explaining cochlear implants and how they work.

Accessible Cell Phones

Since my wireless service no longer offers a network that’s compatible with my PDA modem, I’m exploring cell phones with text and email capabilities like the Nokia 6800 (one bad thing… no built-in camera… pooh!). offers the latest information on developments in the wireless industry from an accessible perspective. One thing that’s not clear …

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Cords Everywhere!

It’s been quiet as there hasn’t been anything to report. Don’t want to bore y’all with little or no progress. There hasn’t been anything new in the news with regard to CIs. I’m getting used to it and am more comfortable with it. Some days, I get so sensitive to it and a bad headache, …

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Deaf Rabbi

After yesterday’s rant, here’s a positive story about a deaf woman who took the path to becoming a rabbi. I didn’t even know there was a Jewish seminary for the deaf. Cool. Apparently, she will be the third deaf rabbi in the world. Here’s the other rabbi. Wow. Oh, it’s not for me, I don’t …

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